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A Film by: Stefan José

Stefan José / Kirstin Scholtz

Stefan José
Originally from Melbourne Stefan José relocated to Byron Bay in 2008. After studying a Bachelor of Audio Engineering Stefan was awarded a scholarship to study a Bachelor of Filmmaking and enjoys a mix of both disciplines. Stefan is currently the Director at "Worx", a multi-platform production company that offers Videography/Film-making, Film Post Production, Photography, Live Sound Reinforcement, Studio Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Sound Design.

"I prefer to consider my art as a deductive process, a purification of reality into my own personal vision or sound. I try to capture and portray the emotions I feel at that moment to assist the viewer or listener to generate their own feeling and create their own thought through that medium".

Currently Stefan is filming a multi-lingual Australian tourism campaign that presents everything our beautiful country has to offer. A high action project that places Stefan and his camera in and on the water, in the sky, on horseback, in fast moving vehicles and various adrenaline pumping activities. In contrast to the action packed lifestyle Stefan is also fortunate enough to capture some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

Recently Stefan has been working closely with Byron Bay based “Rest Your Eyes Production” on a documentary showcasing the life of world famous artist David Bromley. The project has taken Stefan and RYE to Adelaide presenting a live show version of the documentary featuring Brian Cadd and Kate Cebrano at the wonderful Cabaret Festival.

Early 2012 Stefan and his camera traveled to Bali, Indonesia to document the practices of Ratu Bagus. An extraordinary spiritual leader that believes that by actively shaking the body, with focus, the mental control of the body subsides and the bio-energy begins to shake us. The shaker experiences internal heat and sweating, spon-taneous movement, spinning and laughing. Ratu believes that by shaking we can awaken the Sacred Fire within us, burn away blocks and heal on a very deep level.

In 2011 Stefan travelled the Aussie countryside, with Ash Grunwald capturing his national tour and presenting a series of 'Road Dog Diaries'. The episodes offered an all-access pass and behind-the-scenes experience for Ash’s fans through his website and social media avenues

A keen surfer and long time friend of Kirstin Scholtz Stefan is excited and extremely passionate about the Liquid Light project. “I have been fortunate enough to meet and work along side several female surf photographers and feel that there is something special about their images. These girls are at the top of their game and are certainly contributing something very important and unique to such a male dominated industry. I think we can all really learn from their passion, modesty, commitment, knowledge and talent”.

Kirstin Scholtz
Kirstin Scholtz was born in Johannesburg, South Africa but moved to Cape Town (on the coast) at the age of 12 where the ocean immediately captured her heart and sparked the beginning of what was to become a lifelong pursuit to be in it or near it. The product of divorced parents she grew up constantly packing a suitcase and boarding an airplane, something that hasn't changed to this day.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Journalism Degree specialising in Photojournalism from Rhodes University, Grahamstown in South Africa, a chance encounter with Pierre Tostee, the world's first digital surf photographer, presented the opportunity of a lifetime and she began working for his company in September 2004.

As if life couldn't get any better, she flew to Hawaii that November to assist the team shoot the Triple Crown of Surfing on Hawaii's famed North Shore where she learned all about digital photography and work flow, not to mention witness Waimea Bay roar to life at 25ft and see Bruce Irons win the Eddie Aikua event.

For the next three years Kirstin was based out of Durban, South Africa handling the media and event photography for South African surf wear brands Lizzard and Mr Price. During this time she fulfilled the role of Media Manager at the 6 Star Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series Mr Price Pro (which she continues to do to this day) as well as travelled to select ASP Men's and Women's World Tour events as an assistant photographer.

Working alongside many of the world's best surf photographers including Pierre Tostee, Karen Wilson and Aaron Chang, Kirstin learned the ropes of digital photography and workflow developing her own unique photographic style to earn her place as a fully fledged member of the ASP digital photography team.

In 2008, Kirstin was offered the position as the lead shooter on the ASP Men’s World Tour for Covered Images. That year she packed her suitcase and never unpacked, traveling full time shooting the ASP World Championship Tour and managing the ASP digital photography team.

In 2010 Kirstin was offered the position as lead shooter and digital imaging manager with the ASP and continues to spend ten months of the year on the road, shooting many of the World’s most exotic and wave rich locations such as Australia, Tahiti, Brasil, California, South Africa, France, Spain and Hawaii.


Rebecca Olive
Rebecca Olive is currently completing her PhD about women's experiences in Australian surfing culture at The University of Queensland. She writes a blog, Making Friends With the Neighbours, and has published essays, stories and poems about the surfing culture and the ocean in Kurungabaa: a journal of literature, history and ideas from the sea, Kook, Trickhouse and the exhibition catalogue for WaxOn: From Cronulla to Palm Beach and Beyond.

Liz Lantz
Liz Lantz was born and raised outside of Chicago, IL, which is where she earned her B.F.A in Photography. It is also where her love for surfing began – Liz learned how to surf on the icy winter waves of Lake Michigan. As she became more involved with surfing, she came to know the sport is much more than just action; it's a culture and a lifestyle. Recognizing that surfing is typically depicted in the media as a male-dominated action sport, Liz created a body of work titled Sirens, which focuses on women and the lifestyle of surf culture. Her photography has traditionally focused on vernacular scenes and subjects that are often overlooked, and Sirens is no exception. Aside from surfing and photography, Liz enjoys cooking, travel, and design. See more of her work at

Manoela D Almeida
Manoela D`Almeida was born in Porto Alegre, a city located at south of Brazil, a bit far from the beach. At the age of 12 Manoela started to surf and developed a huge passion for the sport, that she knew from that moment on it was more than a hobby, it was going to be her lifestyle. Her relationship with photography started when she entered at University of Communication and Media – PUCRS , where five years later she got a major in journalism. While she was still a student, she started to publish her shots and texts at the main important surf magazines in Brazil such as Hardcore, Fluir, Fluir Girls, Alma Surf and, Huck Magazine, a publication from United Kingdon.

In 2008 Manoela started to shoot with a waterhousing, but even underwater her main focus lies on lifestyle photography. Late in that same year she have shot her first commercial shots in surf industry, the client was Roxy.

Nowadays Manoela is the only female columnist at Hardcore magazine, and that fact make her as one of the main voices of female surfing in Brazil. Last year Manoela was involving in an important project with Hardcore, they developed a calendar showing twelve brazillian surfers at the way that they came on earth. The pictures were shooted at black and white and the profits were in favour of Sea Shepherd, a non-governamental organization thet fight to rescue the oceans worldwide.

When Manoela is not on the road with brazillians surfers travelling to paradises such as Maldives, Hawaii, Fernando de Noronha or even exotic Gana, in Africa, she`s home working as fashion and commercial photographer at BanditsGraphiks studio. Since 2009 Manoela works at this multi-platform production company that offers addvertisement and fashion photography, film production, 3D, post film production were she learned everything about studio lighting aswell as film production. So, recently she`s one of Bandits top photographers aswell as fashion film directors. Manoela believe that with all this experience in fashion and addvertisement, she started to take her surf/lifestyle photography at the next level, specially when she brings techniques from one area to another..

Taylor Miller
Byron born (August 1st 1987) Taylor Miller loves to surf most things, most waves, most experiences. Although a surfer by leisurely trade – she’d rather not be exclusively defined so because that's a bit boring and a bit dangerous. So what else is she into? Tennis and ping pong of late, also long travel stints, snowboarding, dining, coffeeing, aviation, gardening, some writing and pottering about. And, the sea in all its ways.

Taylor grew up in a surfing family in the hills behind the Bay where the bush drew stark contrast to the coast. Fresh air, clean water and pure people formed her childhood years and in later years the trend continued in fortunate world travel, sports and studies. Taylor completed an honours thesis about Italian surfing culture at the University of Sydney in 2011 and is currently on the editorial collective of Kurungabaa, ‘a journal of history, literature and ideas from the sea’.

While staying put at the moment on the North Coast, Taylor has recently joined the Patagonia team, works surf coaching with her father Rusty and also at Byron Bay Ballooning. In the new year she hopes to get stuck into some creative projects and looks forward to travels further afield.
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